What Type Of Security Is Best For You

Regardless of industry, security for your business is absolutely imperative. Despite this, the extent and type of security that you need are completely unique to your company. Therefore, it’s vital that you’re familiar with all the types of security on offer and what they can do for your business.

St Georges Security provides a multitude of security services throughout the Ghana & UK, meaning that we’re well equipped to guide you in your security journey. We understand how dedicated business owners and managers are to their companies, which is why protective measures such as ours are so important. Read on to learn more about the various types of security and deduce which is best for you.

Keyholding and Alarm Response

We’re proud to be known as a leading industry expert in alarm response and keyholding services, providing clients with a professional and efficient security service. Keyholding and alarm response involves an external company, such as St Georges Security, handling all keyholding duties of a business. These include opening up and locking the premises each morning and evening, as well as responding to security alarms being triggered.

Keyholding and alarm response promises convenience to any business, as unforeseen circumstances such as traffic jams won’t inhibit senior members of staff from opening up on time when this responsibility is taken from their hands. Similarly, business owners can rest assured that alarms will be promptly responded to by trained professionals. As a result, senior members of staff needn’t be inconvenienced by alarms or placed in potentially dangerous circumstances.

Mobile Patrols

It’s our mission to secure your business from anti-social behaviour, theft, and vandalism through our mobile patrol service. We promise a bespoke service so that the needs of every client are met when it comes to protecting their business from threats. A mobile manned guarding service involves one of our licenced security officers being provided with a route that covers both the inside and outside of the premises. Despite this, there will be no set schedule in which intruders could identify times of vulnerability.

Although cameras, lights, and alarms notify you of any intruders, the response to these is often delayed, allowing criminals to inflict their damage and leave. Therefore, mobile patrols are much more effective, as manned security officers are able to immediately respond to any disturbances. Similarly, a physical body on-site acts as a more effective deterrent.

Concierge Security

Concierge security provides businesses with the best of both worlds, balancing protection and customer service. Not only will a good concierge make your clients feel safe, but they will create a positive first impression about your company. Quite simply, your concierge will be the first person that any customer encounters when interacting with your business, so establishing a reliable rapport is vital. Thanks to over two decades in the industry, we’re competent in simultaneously securing your business and delivering an impeccable customer service.

Concierge security may be a more appropriate option for companies who need to make their clients feel relaxed, such as in medical or educational settings. A uniformed guard may seem intimidating in these environments, but this doesn’t mean that safety and security can take a backseat. Concierge security enables you to create a comfortable setting that is still well protected.

Static Security

We’re proud to be a leading provider of site security in Accra Tema area in which our security guards successfully open and close the premises, assist with reception duties, watch CCTV and monitor suspicious behaviour, and perform physical security checks. With St Georges Security, our guards will remain within a control room or gatehouse within your premises to monitor activity and respond to situations immediately.

Site security provides companies with an ideal means of monitoring their entire premises, whilst still being on-site to promptly diffuse any issues that may arise.

Door Supervisor Security

In instances that you need to convey clear authority, door supervisors may be exactly what you need. This security service is ideal for nightclubs, sports matches, and concert venues, wherein the door supervisor will be responsible for checking tickets, ID, and diffusing any conflicts. For larger venues, we will assign one head supervisor to oversee the work of all the other supervisors and liaise with the management team. Similarly, our security solutions are bespoke, meaning that we’re able to provide a perfectly suited service.

When it comes to large-scale events, individuals can sometimes act as a danger to themselves and to others. Therefore, it’s vital that these venues are supervised by licenced personnel to guarantee the safety and security of everyone.

Vacant Property Security

Vacant properties are perhaps the most vulnerable to vandalism, as the public will perceive these buildings to be unmonitored. As a result, vacant property visits are extremely valuable when it comes to deterring and responding to criminal activity. In addition to maintaining the integrity of the property at hand, vacant property security also ensures the safety and wellbeing of the public, which could be under threat from such illegal activity.

For anyone looking to maintain the presentable, secure, and safe nature of their unoccupied property, vacant property visits should seriously be considered.

Secure Your Business with St Georges Security

Here at St Georges Security, we offer all manner of security services to a variety of industries across Ghana. Regardless of your security requirements, we’re here to help. Learn more about our security options by getting in touch today.