Business Security Basics

As a business owner, securing your company should be at the top of your priority list. Not only does this help you ensure that your goods are protected from damage or theft, but it also allows you to protect yourself and your employees from various threats.

There are some security basics that every company should be following to ensure that they adhere to the best security for small businesses. These business security systems are imperative when it comes to keeping everything and, more importantly, everyone, safe. So, what small business security services need to be implemented to protect your business from any threats?

Be Alert

First thing’s first, companies should constantly remain vigilant and alert, particularly during the opening and closing times. Anyone intending to harm your business, whether they’re an internal or external threat, will look for vulnerabilities throughout opening and closing times. These individuals will utilise any distraction possible to catch your premises in its most susceptible state.

Light Your Premises

Quite simply, your business premises is less prone to threats when it’s clearly visible. You should pay particular attention to your doors and car parks as this ensures the greatest security for the premises and employees alike. Ultimately, your company should be completely lit and visible from the street because burglars tend to target buildings that can’t be seen from the street.

Execute a Risk Assessment

In order to properly protect your business from threats, you must first identify the areas that are the most vulnerable. For example, buildings situated on a busy high street may install window shutters, whilst those in a remote location may make use of security cameras. Be sure to do thorough research so that you can easily identify areas of vulnerability. When working alongside St Georges Security, we’ll execute this risk assessment for you before we begin to implement any of our security measures.

Form an Emergency Plan

No one wants or expects emergencies to arise, but it only makes sense to be prepared for such. Therefore, every business should put emergency plans in place that are clearly documented and outlined should emergencies occur. Companies should be prepared for the likes of theft, fire, floods, etc., and regular drills should be performed so that everyone is confident about what needs to be done.

Evacuation plans need to be clearly signposted throughout the premises so employees are familiar with them. Similarly, important telephone numbers should be detailed.

Provide Safety Training

As well as regular drills, there are a handful of other training programmes that employees should undergo in anticipation of an emergency. For example, they should be shown how to operate a fire extinguisher which should be in working condition and not obstructed. Similarly, those with disabilities or additional risks (e.g., pregnant women) should also be considered and accommodated for in these instances. You may also train your employees in two-way radio communication so that they’re able to communicate during a crisis.

Secure Valuable Goods

Whether its money, stock, or high-value goods such as electricals are kept onsite, these need to be properly secured. The theft of these items can be detrimental, especially for small businesses that don’t have the biggest budget. Although you should always insure any assets belonging to your business, you should still invest in safes and other industrial containers. As well as this, all entry points should be secured with heavy-duty bolts and locks that can’t be tampered with.

Install an Alarm/Camera

Most companies will make a conscious effort to find the best security cameras for businesses on the market. Not only do cameras and alarms effectively deter criminals from your premises, but they also alert you of any issues should they arise. Similarly, cameras make it much easier to monitor who is entering and leaving your premises. Therefore, if the police need to get involved, the process of pressing charges becomes much simpler as you have undeniable proof at your fingertips.

The majority of business owners have experienced their alarm sounding in the middle of the night, to which they have to respond. Regardless of distance, they have to make their way to their property, disable the alarm, and evaluate what has happened. This can be a real pain, which is why St Georges Security offers key holding and alarm response services. We will ensure that your business is unlocked first thing and locked upon everyone going home. Additionally, we’ll respond to any alarm activation and implement the most suitable measures so that you don’t have to.

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