Passing Out Ceremony – 2 Week Training

On the 24 Feb 2023, a sunny afternoon, the courtyard of our company headquarters was filled with a sense of pride and accomplishment as we celebrated the graduation of our security guards from a comprehensive two-week training program. The ceremony marked the end of an intense learning experience that has transformed our security team into more professional and efficient guards.

The two-week training program covered a range of topics, including physical security, emergency response, communication skills, and conflict resolution. The training was delivered by our experienced UK training team who provided hands-on instruction and guidance to the guards.

The Bespoke training program was designed by our UK training team which has combined the UK’s SIA ( Security Industry Authority ) standards and tailored to fit the Ghanaian market. Throughout the program, our security guards showed great enthusiasm and a strong commitment to learning, and their hard work paid off.

During the graduation ceremony, our Managing Director Mr Anthony Hammond, delivered a heartfelt speech commending the guards for their dedication and hard work. He highlighted the importance of the security team in safeguarding our client’s  assets, employees, and the company’s reputation. He expressed his confidence that the newly trained security guards armed with this comprehensive 2 weeks training,  would take their roles more seriously and provide better protection and service to our clients.

The ceremony included several segments, such as award presentations, group photos, and refreshments. The highlight of the event was the presentation of certificates to the security guards who had successfully completed the training program. The guards received their certificates with beaming smiles and a sense of pride, knowing that they had accomplished something significant.

The graduation ceremony was a memorable event for everyone who attended, and it was a testament to our company’s commitment to service excellence and personel training and development. Our security team is now better equipped and more confident in their roles, and our clients can rest assured that St Georges Security will continue to provide exceptional security services to our meet and exceed their security requirements .

In conclusion, the graduation ceremony marked the end of an intensive two-week security guard training program, and it was a momentous occasion for our organization. We are proud of our security team and look forward to seeing the positive impact that their newly acquired skills and knowledge will have on our company’s overall service delivery.